Peace-of-mind when you can't be there

Book a caring and compassionate nursing professional who will treat your loved one as their own.

A better way to send money.

Enhanced Care

Improving healthcare appointment outcomes with door-to-door accompaniment. We have you covered - from accessible transport vehicles to an informed appointment report.

Trusted Service

Our nursing professionals are compassionate, highly competent, and experienced in accommodating the challenges your loved ones face.

Built for Busy People

Navigate with ease through our website or app to book an appointment in just a few clicks. Perfectly designed to work with busy schedules and distant loved ones.

What iAccompany does for you

iAccompany takes the anxiety, uncertainty and unknowns out of your or your loved one's next medical visit. An iAccompany nursing professional will meet you at your residence, travel with you to the appointment, sit in on the appointment taking notes, accompany you on post-appointment activities and see you safely home.

The iAccompany difference

iAccompany puts you in the examination room with your loved one when you can't physically be there. Our nursing professional will observe, ask the questions you may have of the healthcare provider and take notes. These notes and the responses to the questions you may have requested to be asked will make up the report that you will receive after your loved one is safely home.

iAccompany provides personalized door-to-door service and the peace of mind that comes with a detailed appointment report.

As we get older you realize that maybe you're not omnipotent and it's good to have someone around to be with you. Something happens or you misinterpret what the doctor says - there is someone there to recall everything for you and I think that's important.

Larry H.
iAccompany User

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