About Us

Our Company

At iAccompany, we know through personal experience the difficulties associated with being actively involved in the healthcare of aging parents. After looking for help and not finding a solution, we came to realize we needed to come up with our own solution for the problems we faced. We designed a solution and through our custom-built application, we can facilitate interactions between the patient, doctor, and a nursing professional to improve the quality of medical appointments.

Our People

iAccompany recognizes that aging parents and loved ones require someone who is patient and compassionate, who understands the needs of aging adults, and understands medical and health issues. Our qualified professional nurses (BN, RN, LPN) have these qualities and will provide exceptional one-on-one care and assistance to your aging parent or loved one.

Our Promise

iAccompany will:

  • arrive at your aging parent or loved ones residence and accompany them to their appointment through pre-arranged commercial transportation (such as Uber or Lyft)
  • attend the appointment with the medical physician and your aging parent or loved one
  • take notes on the information the physician provides and ask questions on your behalf
  • arrange for follow-up appointments
  • take your aging parent or loved one to post appointment activities such as the pharmacy, lab or medical device outlet
  • accompany your aging parent or loved one safely back to their residence
  • provide an easy to read written report after the appointment

Your iAccompany experience will:

  • provide peace of mind
  • ensure the safety of your parent or loved one
  • assist with polypharmacy concerns

We know you can't always be there.

iAccompany provides peace of mind. Service that alleviates apprehensions by knowing mom, dad, or a loved one will have the help they need to get to the doctor safely.

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